PISB meeting with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Last week, the Board of the Chamber held another working meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development regarding spraying drones and their approval for use.

During the meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, it was agreed that field tests of agricultural drones would be carried out by designated research institutes. The research is intended to demonstrate the level of effectiveness of spraying using unmanned aerial vehicles. Three members of the Chamber offered to help achieve this goal: Dilectro, AgriSky, Agrodron and aeroMind – companies that decided to support research by providing UAS to institutes. .

Further decisions of the ministry will depend on the results of the above-mentioned studies. If the results are positive and demonstrate the effectiveness of spraying using UAVs, drones will be formally recognized as equivalent to current spraying devices and will be given the green light to use them.

In the near future, the Chamber will work on this topic together with the institutes and the findings will be communicated to PISB members.

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