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FLYTRONIC S.A. is a leading Polish center designing and manufacturing specialized unmanned aerial systems. The company’s industrial research and development in the field of electronics, computer science and aviation mechanics is innovative on a global scale. FLYTRONIC is a dynamic and modern engineering company gathering top-class specialists. Based on the professional experience and passion of outstanding specialists, the company has created unique conditions for the development of its staff, ensuring the possibility to implement innovative projects.

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Our team consists of people associated with unmanned aerial vehicles and manned aviation. Among us you will find drone operators, airplane and glider pilots and UAV service technicians. Drones are not just our job – they are also our passion, which is why we also continue to fly “drones” in our free time. All this makes that by choosing aeroMind you decide to cooperate with a group of professionals who know virtually everything about drones.

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Using innovative “drone” technology, we perform services providing data and products for the following industries: surveying, construction, industry, ecology, agriculture, forestry, research and development, marketing.

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Professional Multi-Purpose Dronoids Unmanned Aircraft Manufacturer. Automated parcel transportation system based on the infrastructure of dronoids, NODs, drones, and Ultralight aircraft.

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Terra Hexen

Terra Hexen Group was founded in 2016 and brings together the best engineers, experts, specialists, analysts and consultants operating in the broad drone and anti-drone industry.
We offer advanced drone detection and neutralization systems, excellent inspection drones for surveillance of dikes, fields, bridges, oil pipelines, gas pipelines or power lines, heating networks as well as underwater drones. As the first company in the world, we have developed a proprietary system for auditing critical infrastructure against drone threats based on modern software “2019: SYSTEM FOR PREVENTION OF THREATS CONTRIBUTED BY UNSAFE AIRCRAFT”
and we have developed the DRONE NOTE application to record all drone incidents, dedicated to rapid response services.
The company’s headquarters is located in Łódź, the city of modern technology, innovation, IT and creativity.

We offer trainings for employees of critical infrastructure in understanding the threats generated by drone technology.

Emitel SA

Emitel S.A.

Emitel S.A. is the largest operator of terrestrial radio and television infrastructure in Poland.

For more than 50 years, Emitel has made sure that television and radio broadcasts can be received in all Polish homes. In addition to services for television and radio broadcasters, Emitel offers at-height infrastructure for mobile operators; designs and installs modern wireless communication systems, including advanced DAS systems; participates in the development of smart cities based on IoT technologies and assists in the preparatory works for the development of the 5G network in Poland.

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Part Group

Production, trading and marketing company.

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Since 2014, the UAV Academy has been supporting companies in the implementation of drones in their operations. We have guided several thousand customers through the process of obtaining unmanned aircraft pilot licenses. We have also delivered many drones to companies and institutions.

We noticed that training and providing equipment alone were not enough. Companies expect broader support when deploying drones. Therefore, we have expanded the UAV Academy activities to include a complete service, where training is only one element of the entire process and so our support.


Agrisky – together with our key partners – we push the boundaries in the field of precision agriculture, data analysis and mapping. Our goal is to provide our customers with the information required  to obtain the best quality yields from healthy crops.

Just use the latest technologies and timely develop the most effective strategy for current and future yields.


Tomkov is a company that deals with technologies in the field of unmanned aerial systems (UAS). The Tomkov Group was established in April 2020 as a continuation of the development activities of the, LTA Design, DRONpol and Nextron brands and its goal is to take care of further development and expansion into foreign markets.


SkySnap is a Polish company with international implementations and aspirations. They offer a wide range of services related to drones and artificial intelligence technology. The company provides services and implementation of dedicated solutions in many industries, including: construction, surveying, real estate, insurance, energy sector. SkySnap offers its clients an online geoportal.

Thanks to the use of drones and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, SkySnap provides high-quality solutions that enable precise field and surveying measurements, drone inspections, 3D modeling, visualizations, analyzes and reports. As part of R&D projects, SkySnap is involved in developing and testing new technologies and innovative solutions related to drones and AI, which are aimed at automating inventory and inspection works.

The online geoportal offered by Skysnap is a tool that allows you to remotely view geodetic and spatial data. Thanks to this tool, users can view maps, projects, spatial development plans, analyze and compare data from various sources, and create their own maps and reports. SkySnap is a company with experienced and highly qualified team od experts. It guarantees a professional approach to each project and full customer satisfaction.


Our mission is to help our clients achieving results through automation systems – the effects of working with us include, for example, less stress, increased employee safety, generating time savings, reduction of costs, increase of profits, eliminating bottlenecks and frustrating activities, and gaining competitive advantages.


UNIFORCE TVPRZEMYSŁOWA – We provide modern solutions in the field of electronic and optoelectronic security systems, unmanned aerial systems (UAV), image analytics and tactical vision systems.

Since the year of 2007, we have gained the trust of many customers – uniformed services, state-owned and private enterprises and security system integrators. We not only provide innovative solutions, but also support our clients at the stage of concept, design, implementation and use of complex security systems. The experience we have gained over the years allows us to well understand the needs of our clients, which is additionally helped by open dialogue to exchange knowledge during the trainings we organize. We presented our solutions at many public industry events: the International Defense Industry Exhibition (MSPO), which is one of the most important European trade fairs in the industry, as well as fairs including: Polsecure, Securex, Granice, Europoltech, Euro Target Show.


BZB UAS specializes in the design, integration and production of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the provision of services using them. What distinguishes BZB UAS is an extensive number of segments of drone use by combining their existing functions with proprietary algorithms based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Due to that the company provide customers with services and products previously unavailable on the market. These innovative solutions provide clients with the necessary information about the status of their investments at an express pace, which allows for a quick response to any irregularities. is a nationwide network of training centers. We are a Polish company with Polish capital. At our center, you will gain the knowledge and skills within the use of unmanned aircraft for commercial purposes. We provide training for state qualifications and specialist training. What makes us stand out? We organize training and final exams, help in completing formalities, sell liability insurance for drones, and have the latest and best equipment from the leading brands. We care about an individual approach to each student. Cooperate with us and get high funding for your chosen course. Do you want to start a career as a drone pilot and want to improve your qualifications? – you’ve come to the right place.


We provide solutions based on unmanned systems and geographic information system technologies throughout Poland. We provide services in the field of photo and video documentation, photogrammetric and multispectral studies, as well as air composition and quality measurements. Thanks to our team’s many years of experience in training pilots-operators of unmanned aircraft and implementing many projects using drones, we ensure the highest safety standards in the implementation of the tasks assigned to us.


Farada Group Sp. z o. o. is a group of dynamically developing companies whose business profiles cover key aspects related to the design, production and implementation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The scope of the company’s activities also covers service and operational support, operator training and the provision of an unlimited range of services that involve the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The group is focused on extensive cooperation with universities and research centers in Poland and abroad.

Unmanned Aircraft and their equipment are created from scratch while maintaining the best design practices and high safety standards – the most important aspects in traditional and unmanned aviation.

The products and services offered by the Group guarantee maximization of the effectiveness of activities carried out, while reducing the associated costs.

Using Farada Group Sp. products and services. z o. o. guarantees rapid development and high efficiency of activities, while reducing costs. Farada Group companies are constantly working to increase the levels of safety and innovation of products and services by deepening R&D (research and development) work.


JPBC is a Polish company with an international reach. We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for the defense, security and risk management sectors.

JPBC means tailor-made products and services. We serve the defense sector and provide space monitoring and inspection solutions. We specialize in securing the key interests of public and private institutions. Products and solutions developed by JPBC respond to the most specialized requirements.


Dilectro provides unmanned aircraft, anti-drone systems, training, maintenance services and software necessary for their integration for business and public administration. We are one of the oldest companies in the country supplying drones to the B2B sector since 2015.


UNDER ANT implements projects in the field of unmanned aerial systems. We have been operating since 2017.

Design, service, business analysis, services.

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Agrodron Polska is an experienced, professional and reliable partner with several years of experience, where we have successfully implemented drones in precision agriculture and agricultural spraying. We promote effective, environmentally friendly solutions to make them profitable for agriculture. We focus on innovation and development of our products to ensure the greatest possible benefits in the use of new technologies. We cooperate with a leading manufacturer of agricultural drones, ensuring high quality and comprehensiveness of the products offered. We offer comprehensive and effective solutions, including UAV’s themselves and the necessary accessories and equipment.

Mobile Monitoring


Mobile Monitoring is an innovative environmental monitoring platform that improves safety and efficiency in both corporations and public institutions. The platform utilizes a wide range of proprietary devices, from measuring buoys through USV, UAV, and ROV drones. We specialize in creating accurate and easy-to-use environmental monitoring systems. Our solutions provide quick access to real-time data and integrate visual monitoring, noise, air pollution, and satellite data, enabling comprehensive management of natural resources.
logo navigate


NaviGate is an expert company that offers unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for professional applications, innovative measurement solutions for GIS and geodesy, specialized training, authorized device service and technical support. Based on over ten years of experience in the industry, we have built a team of experts and an offer that can meet the highest customer requirements. Our hallmark is an individual approach to each client and honesty and conscientiousness in the provision of services.