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FLYTRONIC S.A. is a leading Polish center designing and manufacturing specialized unmanned aerial systems. The company’s industrial research and development in the field of electronics, computer science and aviation mechanics is innovative on a global scale. FLYTRONIC is a dynamic and modern engineering company gathering top-class specialists. Based on the professional experience and passion of outstanding specialists, the company has created unique conditions for the development of its staff, ensuring the possibility to implement innovative projects.


Novelty RPAS

What we can do for you We provide innovative technologies that help teams capture information, improve processes and achieve their goals. We select complete solutions based on automated devices including hardware, integrations, software, computing power, training, legal, insurance and financing. We execute operations and hire drones including piloting. We provide consultations, lectures, workshops and training for representatives of organizations, companies and universities. We help to verify whether implementing a drone will be the right decision. We share our knowledge and experience. We help experienced teams develop their organizations through the effective implementation of robotic drones – this is our mission to support Polish companies in reducing costs, increasing profits, saving time, improving employee safety and gaining competitive advantage.

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We design innovative IT solutions, maintain and service systems and provide consulting services to companies in various industries. Through the implementation of strategic projects, our team has been supporting the largest organizations and enterprises in achieving success and market advantage for 25 years.

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Our team consists of people associated with unmanned aerial vehicles and manned aviation. Among us you will find drone operators, airplane and glider pilots and UAV service technicians. Drones are not just our job – they are also our passion, which is why we also continue to fly “drones” in our free time. All this makes that by choosing aeroMind you decide to cooperate with a group of professionals who know virtually everything about drones.


Spectre Solutions

Spectre Solutions team consists of designers, specialists and managers with long experience in the market, who have experience in designing and conducting projects aimed at creating innovative products in the field of IT, automation and robotics. They gained their experience both on the Polish and foreign markets. Spectre Solutions offer includes two drone solutions dedicated to different applications.

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Using innovative “drone” technology, we perform services providing data and products for the following industries: surveying, construction, industry, ecology, agriculture, forestry, research and development, marketing.

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Professional Multi-Purpose Dronoids Unmanned Aircraft Manufacturer. Automated parcel transportation system based on the infrastructure of dronoids, NODs, drones, and Ultralight aircraft.

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Terra Hexen

Terra Hexen Group was founded in 2016 and brings together the best engineers, experts, specialists, analysts and consultants operating in the broad drone and anti-drone industry.
We offer advanced drone detection and neutralization systems, excellent inspection drones for surveillance of dikes, fields, bridges, oil pipelines, gas pipelines or power lines, heating networks as well as underwater drones. As the first company in the world, we have developed a proprietary system for auditing critical infrastructure against drone threats based on modern software “2019: SYSTEM FOR PREVENTION OF THREATS CONTRIBUTED BY UNSAFE AIRCRAFT”
and we have developed the DRONE NOTE application to record all drone incidents, dedicated to rapid response services.
The company’s headquarters is located in Łódź, the city of modern technology, innovation, IT and creativity.

We offer trainings for employees of critical infrastructure in understanding the threats generated by drone technology.

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United Vehicle Robotics designs and develops a new type of civil transportation, which are fully autonomous cargo helicopter drones or unmanned aerial systems (UAS) of the cargo helicopter type. The helicopters we develop have ultra-long lifespans and are capable of lifting payloads ranging from 200 kg to 2000 kg, which is a very high payload capacity among civilian VTOL UAVs. In addition to creating our own cargo drone models, we are able to convert any manned helicopter into a fully autonomous UAV. In 2019, we successfully converted a manned civil KA-26 helicopter into a fully automated UAS with a maximum payload of 1130 kg called COMBO. The COMBO drone has become the most powerful civil helicopter drone in the world.

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Part Group

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We train UAV pilots and operators. Our priorities are the highest quality and safety of training courses. For many years, the core of our staff are airplane pilots and engineers with many years of experience. Our head office is located at the Babice Airport in Warsaw and we conduct regular training there. However, if you are interested in a different location – please contact us. We provide training throughout Poland and abroad.